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The Gameplay is simple to understand but has a lot different ways of being tweaked; easy to learn yet hard to master.

Every players have between 15-20 cards in their deck, with a mixture of skaters, managers and equipment.

Captain Hockey League is a game you can learn to play in just a few minutes. Here are the basics: In Captain Hockey League you play a General Manager of your hockey team and the cards are team resources.
The player with the highest score wins the period, and your goal is to win two periods against your opponent.

The playboard of the Captain Hockey League is as in hockey, divided into three zones defensive, neutral and offensive. Both you and your opponent only get 5 cards on your hand at the start of the game and before every period starts.
However, there is nothing that prevents you from playing any card you want from your hand. When you play your last card, you automatically shoot.

Game Elements[edit | edit source]